Friday, October 7, 2011

Blustery Days

Waking up to rain this week has been so happy for me. I looove Fall. I don't know exactly what it is - the oranges and yellows, the crunchy, swirling leaves, the elementary school feeling of back-to-school or the hints of Halloween and Thanksgiving. I just love it. And so I've loved waking up this week to rain and wind outside. It's made me feel so cozy and protected in our warm and safe apartment.

What have we been up to lately?
  • Jason's had lots of classes and tests. His major, Clinical Lab Science, is really small (about 40 people) and they have tests every Friday. Since one entire day out of five is testing on what they've learned the other four days...they're pretty intense tests. But Jason's a trooper.  
  • Jason's brother and our sister-in-law Shelley had their baby! She's a beautiful, healthy little girl. Yay!
  • My dad's been in town the last two weeks and we've got to hang out with him a lot, which has been really fun.
  • Sydney, my little sister, turned 11! I can't believe it. She's so old!
  • We sold our old car. I can't remember if I mentioned that before or not, but either way, we're excited that we were able to sell it and have it done with.
  • My sister Alyse got the perfect job for her! She majored in English with an Editing minor, and for the last couple months she's been looking for an editing job. And she found one! She just started this week as an editor for a well-known group of private schools. She's really excited, and so are we. It should be a great job for her. 
  • Some friends and I have gotten together a couple times and made some fall crafts. It's been really fun, and I'll be posting them soon.
  • We had General Conference last weekend! It was so good. So many of the talks were just amazing. If you didn't get to listen to any, I'd recommend any by President Monson.
And what have I, specifically, been up to? Well, I've been working on a ginormous journal-scrapbooking-old photos-home videos-memoir type of project. It's got a lot of components, and I'm excited about each of them.

First of all, I'm putting together my journal from senior year of high school. You see, the last two years of high school (and the first couple of college) I mostly kept my journal on my computer. I would type up my entries in Microsoft Notepad, and called them my ramblings. At the end of my junior year I printed up all the entries I had made up to that point, and put them in a big three ring binder. I had much fewer entries the next year, senior year, and never got around to printing them up. Until now. The last couple weeks, I've printed off all my journal entries from that year. In addition, I've collected all the bits of paper I have from that time: notes, ramblings from the back of my math notebook, quotes, emails, movie tickets, letters, school programs and awards, etc. I've been putting them all together in one book, and I really like it. It's like putting together a big puzzle.

Once I finish my senior year book, I have multiple related projects I want to do: put together books for each year of college, make a binder of any elementary school work/art I want to keep (right now it's sitting in a box in my mom's garage), scan all of my, Banks, and Alyse's baby photos, convert our childhood home movies from vhs to dvd, make cds/dvds of relevant photos for those who'd want them (roommates, grandparents, etc.), and make a couple Shutterfly photobooks of different subjects (Girls Camp, high school, baby pictures, college).

I'm really excited about each and every one of these projects and ideas. Though I'm staying home these couple months and don't have a baby yet, I've got a lot of stuff I'm working on, and I'm enjoying it a lot. I think it's pointless for memorable things - all the things I mentioned above - to sit in boxes in storage. Either you don't really want or need them, and they can be tossed, or you do really want them and value them, and they should be displayed and easily accessible. If you value them, show that you value them. Anyway, I think that's what's motivating my big project. I do value these things, and I want them to be in an easily accessible format.

So yeah! That's what we've been up to lately. :)

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