Thursday, August 18, 2011

We're having.....(drumroll, please!)

A girl!

And we are sooo excited.

We found out a couple weeks ago, just before we went on vacation. Since we're in California, we're away from my doctor and had to find a place down here to tell us. My sister-in-law Shelley gave us the info for a place another friend recommended to her, and that's where we went. 

It was so cool to see our little baby on the ultrasound screen. You could totally see her head, and her face, and her little legs. From the bottom, the technician was able to tell us she was a girl. I honestly couldn't tell what we were looking at at that point, but I did see the little lines she was pointing out. But hey, whether she was right or wrong, it will be confirmed when we have my actual medical ultrasound when we get back to Utah.

My pregnancy is going well. Right now I am 22 weeks (5 months!) along. I'm still on my anti-nausea medicine, which has been a life saver. See, my doctor said that most women's morning sickness clears up by 19 weeks. If it doesn't clear up by then, you're pretty much going to be sick your whole pregnancy. Well...mine didn't clear up. If I go off my anti-nausea medicine, I get pretty sick again within 48 hours. But if I stay on it, I'm fine! I feel great. So, that's awesome! As long as I have my medicine, I'll be fine.

Stomach-wise, I'm still not really showing. My belly has kind of popped out a little bit this last week, but unless you're looking for it, you don't really see it. I'm actually a little worried I'm not gaining enough weight, so that's one of the things I'm going to ask about when I have my doctor's appointment when we get back to Utah. 

But I have started to feel her kick! I felt her for the first time when we were at Lake Powell, at night right before I went to sleep. It was like, "Oh! I think that was the baby!" And let me tell you, she has been kicking a lot since then. It's awesome. It makes it so much more real that she's in there, and it makes me feel connected to her. When she's being really active, Jason will put his hand on my tummy, and he can feel her kicking, too.

So yeah! That's the pregnancy update for now. :)


  1. So cute and excited! I think that around the time I started to feel Violet kick to. I think I felt her earlier but since it was my first time I did not "really" know until around 21 weeks or so...funny how when you know you know! Anyway...she already looks like you! ha sweet =)

  2. Jocelyn, I found your blog on a FB post...I would love to follow your fun adventures of life. Congrats on your baby..(GIRL)!!!

  3. I can't tell you how thrilled we are for you! You are going to love having a sweet little girl - I seriously can't wait to see her! (Oh, and my mom said that when she saw you you seriously had NO belly whatsoever.) Count. your. blessings! I'm the size of a small hippo. Love you guys!!


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