Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our San Diego Trip

A couple weeks ago, Jason and I went down to San Diego with Tyler (Jason's brother) and Sarah (our sister-in-law). It was such a good trip! We first went to the San Diego Temple. Holy cow, it is BEAUTIFUL inside. If you haven't ever been through there, you should go. It's amazing. The celestial room in the San Diego temple is now my favorite room in the whole world (I'm not kidding). I could sit in there for hours and hours. 

After the (amazing!) temple we went to Old Town San Diego. We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant, then went to the Mormon Battalion Historic Site just down the street. It was so cool! Sister (girl) missionaries took us on this awesome interactive tour, and at the end we got to pan for gold. It was really fun. It was seriously kind of like Disneyland.

And that's what we did in San Diego!

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