Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Frugality in Action

So, I've found that for some reason I really like debt-reduction blogs. It started like a month ago when I found this one blog where this woman (a lawyer) decided to take control of her compulsive spending and do something about her $37,000 of consumer debt. Luckily (for me), she started the blog like two years ago and I was able to read through the archives in just a couple days and watch that debt grow smaller and smaller. It felt great to see her make progress.

The three blogs I've found so far that I really like are:

Kitten a Go-Go. This is the one I just described with the lawyer woman who, because of her spending habits and bad luck with the economy and her mortgage, had $37,000 of consumer debt, $45,000 she owed to her grandpa (it had to do with the mortgage), and almost $100,000 in student loans. She's been attacking her debt with gusto for the last couple years. To read just about her debt (she talks about other stuff on her blog too), go to the right side of the page, click on "categories," and choose "money." To read them in chronological order (oldest to newest), you have to click back a million pages until or you get to page 38. Or, you can just click here.

Blogging Away Debt. The writer of this blog is Beks, a woman from San Diego who found herself and her husband with $38,000 in debt after some poor financial decisions. She talks a lot about little ways to save money, how to monitor your credit score, and so on. One thing that's extra cool about this one is that she just had a baby, so for about the last year she's been talking about ways to save money while pregnant and preparing for a baby. Score! Side note: the founder of this blog is named Tricia. I've only read as far back as where Beks started writing, to the present. To reach where Beks starts writing, click here. Then you can just click "newer posts" on each page to read the blog chronologically.

And Then She Saved. This is the newest one I found, and actually the one I relate the most to. I relate to it, I think, because Jason and I are the opposite of spenders; we're super savers. In this blog, Anna, the writer, decided to take drastic action when her debt got overwhelming. She decided to go on a "spending fast." This meant that, for a whole year, she didn't spend money on anything that wasn't a necessity (mortgage, utilities, food). That was 2010; this year she's on a "spending diet," in which she's spending money on needs and some wants, and learning how to balance those two things. What I relate to is her current problem (after spending nothing for a year) of feeling guilty when buying anything that isn't absolutely necessary. I don't like to spend anything. I guess I've got to learn how to balance, too. You can go to her archives to read her whole blog chronologically. 

So yeah! I guess I just like reading about finance and being frugal. Are there any articles/blogs you like that are on the same topic?

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