Friday, August 19, 2011

The Goose that Tried to Eat Us

So, Jason and I had a picnic this week at Yorba Regional Park. As I've mentioned before, I love Yorba Regional. It's huge, and has lakes, and lots of trees and grass. It's awesome. Well, on Monday, Jason and I packed up some different picnic foods and a blanket and headed out to the park. We wandered around for a bit until we found a really nice shaded grassy spot right next to one of the lakes.

Now, we were by a corner of the lake, where it bent around. On the other side of this corner sat like twenty ducks, and one big, fat goose. As soon as we sat down and spread out our blanket, this goose got up from where it was sitting, stretched out its long neck, and started "SCRAWK"-ing. It began to march through the ducks, seemingly ordering them around, and even stopped in the middle of them to "SCRAWK" at them until they stood up. After a few minutes, he had all of the twenty or so ducks standing up. Jokingly, I said to Jason, "Look, he's rallying the troops."And we laughed...but we were right! He started leading all the ducks around the corner of the lake, right toward us!

At first I thought it was coincidence, but as they got closer he made a beeline for us. As he got closer, he stretched out his neck as far as it would go and "SCRAWK!"ed at us, demanding food. He got just a couple feet away from us, and then sat there, "SCRAWK"-ing, waving his head up and down and threatening us with his velociraptor teeth. (If you don't think geese have teeth, they DO. This one did, anyway. Maybe he was a mutant.)

Now, I feel that (for the ducks' sake) I have to explain that the ducks were being very polite. Most seemed to give off an embarrassed air of, "We're sorry he's acting this way. If you'd like to give us food, we'd gladly accept, but we're so sorry about his behavior. We're not like him." They milled around on the grass and in the water, staying close but never demanding anything.

So, that's how we ate our picnic. Ducks all around us, nibbling grass and swimming in little circles in the water in front of us, and a ginormous evil velociraptor goose stalking our every move and demanding our first born child. It was incredibly fun.


  1. Ah you're a genius! now I can comment again. :) yay, thanks for sending me that link!

  2. No problem. I was browsing their "help forum" because of a different problem with the stats, and I saw that and thought of what you said. :)

  3. That made me laugh out loud! We've had similar experiences with psychotic geese - they can be downright frightening!! Glad he didn't eat you, though. :)


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