Sunday, July 17, 2011

The 50 Things we want to do this Summer

Howdy folks! I hope you're summer is going well. We've been down here in California for two weeks now, and been up to a ton of stuff, and I'm sorry to say I haven't updated at all! I want to, though, so expect a bunch of short posts real soon about what we've been up to.

Before we came down to California, we sat down and made a list of the "50 Things We Want to Do This Summer." We got the idea from my cousin Ashley, and it's been a great resource if we're ever trying to think of something to do. Jason made a sweet page that we can take around with us. Here they are:

1. Go bowling
2. Visit a museum
3. Do a service project
4. Go to the temple
5. Watch a sports game
6. Feed the ducks
7. Watch a concert in the park
8. Play frisbee golf
9. Have a water fight
10. Go lazer-tagging
11. Make lemonade
12. Have a BBQ
13. Go to the beach
14. Go mini golfing
15. Make homemade ice cream
16. Watch fireworks
17. Eat a snowcone
18. Go to the farmer's market
19. Have a bonfire at the beach
20. Play kick the can
21. Go to thrift stores
22. Eat watermelon
23. Go surfing
24. Play at Glenview
25. Explore dry lake bed
26. Watch the sunrise
27. Go hiking
28. Catch a lizard
29. Go to Disneyland
30. Paint with watercolors
31. Go swimming
32. Have a picnic
33. Root beer floats
34. Run around in sprinklers
35. Have a tea party
36. Run in the stake 5k
37. Go to Grandma's cabin
38. Play games with Smith grandparents
39. Go to Orange County fair
40. Go to Knott's Berry Farm
41. Go to the zoo
42. Make dinner for the missionaries
43. Go to Catalina
44. Make 4th of July cupcakes
45. Pick a bouquet of wildflowers
46. Catch sandcrabs
47. Climb a tree
48. Go to Watson's Drug Store & Soda Fountain
49. Watch a meteor shower
50. Go biking

So yeah! Stay tuned for a bunch of little posts.

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