Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Still trekking

So, we're still alive! We're making it through these last days of classes. Jason has actually already started his finals. In his classes this week, he and his fellow class members were given a bunch of "unknowns" (different diseases and fungi, I think), and they've got to figure out what they are.

Luckily, I haven't started finals quite yet. I've had several papers/last projects due, all of them pretty small. I've got a written piano test later today, and yesterday in cooking we had our "magnificent meal." This was our big, concluding project of the semester. We worked together in groups to plan a recipe, analyze the cost of the meal, plan what each person in the group was going to do during class, and several other things, and we made this!

We were really happy with how our meal turned out. We had chicken alfredo with angel hair pasta, caesar salad, minestrone soup, strawberry sorbet, and a lemon garnish. The minestrone was definitely a strong point of our meal. It was delicious. We used a slightly modified version of the recipe found here.

Then, last night in Polynesian Dance we learned a couple dances, all from Tonga. The one below is called Mau'lu'ulu'u. We learned it pretty fast, and then tested (so please forgive us for our many mistakes). If you notice funny head twitches we do, just know that we're supposed to do them. Tongans do this head nod while dancing.

After Mauluuluu, we learned our second dance: the stick dance. I'm not sure what this one's name actually is, but we all got sticks. Half of us got one long stick (I got one of those) and the other half got two small sticks (Alyse got those). We all got into groups of four people, with two sets of short sticks and two long sticks. We then hit the sticks together to a certain rhythm, turning and changing places and sometimes getting hit.

Finally, our teacher performed a "princess dance" for us. It's a dance that, in Tonga, only the princesses dance. Our teacher use to dance it when she was in the Polynesian Dance Luau. It was really cool.

So, we're having a good week. We hope you are too!

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