Friday, April 8, 2011

Our car is all fixed!

Okay, remember when I gave you that update on our car back in January? And remember how we said we were worried about how the transmission was failing again, because our car was getting all jerky? Well guess what?! It's all fixed! It's all better!

The jerkiness/inability to accelerate has been getting worse over the last two months, and we've been getting more worried about it. I was talking to my dad about it, and he recommended that we talk to his friend, who could take a look at it.

Well, yesterday, his friend came over and drove it around, and drove it to his friend who has his own repair shop, and they fixed it! What was causing the problems was that we had some broken tubes right in the front of our engine, and our transmission fluid was leaking out. We lost four quarts of transmission fluid, apparently. They replaced the tubes and filled it up with new fluid for us. How nice is that? I can't get over how nice they were, and how excited I am that the car is fixed.

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  1. yay! that's awesome! good mechanics are definitely a blessing!


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