Saturday, April 23, 2011

My BYU Experience

I have loved being a BYU student. I was thinking this week, what with graduating from BYU and all, about my last four years here. I have loved being here.

I loved living with my roommates. I'm so blessed in my five freshman roommates who have become my best friends. I loved all of our freshman and sophomore adventures, both in Bowen and in the Elms. I loved my sophomore ward in the Elms so much. I've loved all of my friends I've been able to make.

I've loved the ginormous library where I've spent so much time. I've loved walking across campus at night, especially during the winter when the trees have Christmas lights in them, and in the spring when the trees have all their flowers and perfumes and new leaves. I loved eating the little plums off the trees in the fall. I loved walking through my favorite path on the south hill of campus with all the trees and the bushes and the birds and the silence. I've loved going to all the free events they have on campus. I've loved going to Divine Comedy.

I've loved exploring new buildings and hallways and bathrooms and study areas. I've loved my classes (well, most of them). I've loved the Wilkinson center, and the Marb, and the Widstoe, and the JFSB, and the JSB, and the Eyring Science Center, and the Maeser, and even the JKB and the Testing Center and the HFAC.

I have loved BYU so much. I'm so happy I was able to come here. I'm glad we'll still be around for the rest of the year as Jason finishes classes.


  1. Oh Jocelyn! This made me miss it there! I loved BYU too! Congrats on graduating!


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