Monday, April 4, 2011

Last Full Week of Classes

Ollo! (If you've seen Megamind, picture me saying that in the exact way that he says it). It's officially the last full week of classes, probably the last full week of classes I'll ever have. That blows my mind.

Guys, I'm nervous. I love BYU. I love being a BYU student. I feel like I'm ready to graduate, because I don't think I could make it through any more classes, but it's weird. And I know that thousands upon thousands of people have said these same words before me, but I just can't comprehend that school is going to be over, since it's all I've known my whole life.

Have I mentioned to you guys that I'm taking the summer off? Because of us traveling/family vacations planned this summer (plus I really want and need a break), I'm going to take the spring and summer off and get a job in the fall. I'm super excited about this. My mom and I are planning to go through and organize tons of stuff at her house (where Jason and I are going to be living this spring). I'm also planning to read a lot and have a lot of projects planned.

And Tyler and Sarah are getting married in less than four weeks! I can't wait for that either. Thinking about it, a wedding at the Newport Beach Temple in sunny California at the end of April, naturally strongly reminds me of me and Jason's wedding a year ago, and it makes me really happy. I love family, and I love love, and happiness, and temples, and sunshine.

This month is going to be so packed full of awesome things - Tyler & Sarah's wedding, Aaron & Macall's wedding, graduating, our anniversary - it's going to be so fun and happy. Just thinking about it makes me happy. April is one of the best months. :)

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