Saturday, April 2, 2011


In Polynesian dance this week we covered Samoa! We both learned and tested this dance this week, so forgive us if we're not a pro at it in this video as we were in the last videos.

Oh, also, we had to yell the whole time because it was funny and the Samoans are kind of the comedians of the Polynesian Islands. Our teacher said that if we forgot how to do something, just make it up and yell!

This is the "Ipupopo" (coconut) dance. When you really dance it, you're holding halves of coconut shells in your hands. When we bend down in the video, we're setting down and picking up our imaginary coconut shells.

My hands were so red afterward. We had been clapping (hard) for a whole hour while practicing this dance; they began to hurt from having so much blood in them! But it was fun, and worth it.

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