Monday, April 25, 2011


 Guess what we've been up to this week?! (Apart from moving, and driving back and forth to Highland a million times.) (We moved to my mom's house in Highland.) (Which is why we drove back and forth a million times.) (This explanation is getting way too long).

I graduated!

Jason and I went to Commencement on Thursday, where I was lucky enough to be able to sit with my best pals Jill and Melissa, and Jason was able to sit with Jill's husband Tommy and the rest of her family. We did this big academic processional where we all marched into the Marriott Center, which was really fun, and then Elder Scott spoke, which was really cool. 

On Friday we had the Life Sciences Convocation, which is where they actually called our names and we walked across the stage. I graduated in Integrative Biology (the best major at BYU) with a minor in Family Life. My grandparents came, as well as my mom and Stefan, my dad and Debbie, my stepsister Macall, Alyse, and Jason. Afterwards we had a really yummy lunch. And now I'm all done! Woohoo!


  1. Did I ever tell you that you're my most favorite student ever? Don't tell anyone that cause they might feel bad. Its just that you have always been so smart that as a teacher you made me work harder than I would have without your inquisitive nature. You're the best! Jason aint half bad either.


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