Monday, April 25, 2011

Anniversary & Easter

Hi all! So, this was a great weekend. Jason and I had our anniversary on Saturday. We've been married for one year! Crazy.

I love Jason so much. He's the best husband ever. I'm so happy that we're married.

We spent the day in Salt Lake City. We drove up there Friday night, and walked around a bit and ate a delicious waffle. On Saturday we walked all around Temple Square. It was so pretty, and peaceful, and wonderful. We got to talk to lots of nice sister missionaries. Did you know that in one of the visitor's centers on Temple Square, they have a complete miniature replica of the Salt Lake Temple? It's about five feet tall, and it's open, so you can see all the rooms inside. There's an interactive little tour that you can listen to that tells you what all the rooms are used for. It's really cool!

Then, yesterday was Easter! I love Easter. It's such a pretty holiday with such a wonderful message. On Easter, we celebrate that Jesus Christ arose from the grave after he was crucified and atoned for our sins. Because he paid for our sins, if we repent we can live with him and God again forever. Because he arose from the grave, we will be resurrected too, and rise from the grave. That's pretty darn awesome.  This video below is really good, and I invite you to take a moment to watch it.

Like these apostles, I too know that Jesus Christ lives and that he loves us. This knowledge shapes my whole life. Happy Easter, and I hope you have a great week!


 Guess what we've been up to this week?! (Apart from moving, and driving back and forth to Highland a million times.) (We moved to my mom's house in Highland.) (Which is why we drove back and forth a million times.) (This explanation is getting way too long).

I graduated!

Jason and I went to Commencement on Thursday, where I was lucky enough to be able to sit with my best pals Jill and Melissa, and Jason was able to sit with Jill's husband Tommy and the rest of her family. We did this big academic processional where we all marched into the Marriott Center, which was really fun, and then Elder Scott spoke, which was really cool. 

On Friday we had the Life Sciences Convocation, which is where they actually called our names and we walked across the stage. I graduated in Integrative Biology (the best major at BYU) with a minor in Family Life. My grandparents came, as well as my mom and Stefan, my dad and Debbie, my stepsister Macall, Alyse, and Jason. Afterwards we had a really yummy lunch. And now I'm all done! Woohoo!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My BYU Experience

I have loved being a BYU student. I was thinking this week, what with graduating from BYU and all, about my last four years here. I have loved being here.

I loved living with my roommates. I'm so blessed in my five freshman roommates who have become my best friends. I loved all of our freshman and sophomore adventures, both in Bowen and in the Elms. I loved my sophomore ward in the Elms so much. I've loved all of my friends I've been able to make.

I've loved the ginormous library where I've spent so much time. I've loved walking across campus at night, especially during the winter when the trees have Christmas lights in them, and in the spring when the trees have all their flowers and perfumes and new leaves. I loved eating the little plums off the trees in the fall. I loved walking through my favorite path on the south hill of campus with all the trees and the bushes and the birds and the silence. I've loved going to all the free events they have on campus. I've loved going to Divine Comedy.

I've loved exploring new buildings and hallways and bathrooms and study areas. I've loved my classes (well, most of them). I've loved the Wilkinson center, and the Marb, and the Widstoe, and the JFSB, and the JSB, and the Eyring Science Center, and the Maeser, and even the JKB and the Testing Center and the HFAC.

I have loved BYU so much. I'm so happy I was able to come here. I'm glad we'll still be around for the rest of the year as Jason finishes classes.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I love this

Remember how I told you that Jason and I were in a Harry Potter battle a while back?  Well here it is. (If you need subtitles, just press the "CC" on the bottom of the frame.)

I really love this video. Apart from the fact that it's hilarious, it actually does really speak to my nerdy book-loving soul.

Sometimes I really do wish that I could be in the books I read. I really, really wish it. I wish I could be there, experiencing everything, having it all around me, being part of the action, helping the main characters save the world. And then, when I realize the absolute impossibility of this, I'm more deeply saddened than I can explain. I'll never be able to be there. So I do get this. And love it. It's good to know someone feels the same way. I have this song playing on repeat, and I listen to it, and I am happy.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Our car is all fixed!

Okay, remember when I gave you that update on our car back in January? And remember how we said we were worried about how the transmission was failing again, because our car was getting all jerky? Well guess what?! It's all fixed! It's all better!

The jerkiness/inability to accelerate has been getting worse over the last two months, and we've been getting more worried about it. I was talking to my dad about it, and he recommended that we talk to his friend, who could take a look at it.

Well, yesterday, his friend came over and drove it around, and drove it to his friend who has his own repair shop, and they fixed it! What was causing the problems was that we had some broken tubes right in the front of our engine, and our transmission fluid was leaking out. We lost four quarts of transmission fluid, apparently. They replaced the tubes and filled it up with new fluid for us. How nice is that? I can't get over how nice they were, and how excited I am that the car is fixed.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Still trekking

So, we're still alive! We're making it through these last days of classes. Jason has actually already started his finals. In his classes this week, he and his fellow class members were given a bunch of "unknowns" (different diseases and fungi, I think), and they've got to figure out what they are.

Luckily, I haven't started finals quite yet. I've had several papers/last projects due, all of them pretty small. I've got a written piano test later today, and yesterday in cooking we had our "magnificent meal." This was our big, concluding project of the semester. We worked together in groups to plan a recipe, analyze the cost of the meal, plan what each person in the group was going to do during class, and several other things, and we made this!

We were really happy with how our meal turned out. We had chicken alfredo with angel hair pasta, caesar salad, minestrone soup, strawberry sorbet, and a lemon garnish. The minestrone was definitely a strong point of our meal. It was delicious. We used a slightly modified version of the recipe found here.

Then, last night in Polynesian Dance we learned a couple dances, all from Tonga. The one below is called Mau'lu'ulu'u. We learned it pretty fast, and then tested (so please forgive us for our many mistakes). If you notice funny head twitches we do, just know that we're supposed to do them. Tongans do this head nod while dancing.

After Mauluuluu, we learned our second dance: the stick dance. I'm not sure what this one's name actually is, but we all got sticks. Half of us got one long stick (I got one of those) and the other half got two small sticks (Alyse got those). We all got into groups of four people, with two sets of short sticks and two long sticks. We then hit the sticks together to a certain rhythm, turning and changing places and sometimes getting hit.

Finally, our teacher performed a "princess dance" for us. It's a dance that, in Tonga, only the princesses dance. Our teacher use to dance it when she was in the Polynesian Dance Luau. It was really cool.

So, we're having a good week. We hope you are too!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Last Full Week of Classes

Ollo! (If you've seen Megamind, picture me saying that in the exact way that he says it). It's officially the last full week of classes, probably the last full week of classes I'll ever have. That blows my mind.

Guys, I'm nervous. I love BYU. I love being a BYU student. I feel like I'm ready to graduate, because I don't think I could make it through any more classes, but it's weird. And I know that thousands upon thousands of people have said these same words before me, but I just can't comprehend that school is going to be over, since it's all I've known my whole life.

Have I mentioned to you guys that I'm taking the summer off? Because of us traveling/family vacations planned this summer (plus I really want and need a break), I'm going to take the spring and summer off and get a job in the fall. I'm super excited about this. My mom and I are planning to go through and organize tons of stuff at her house (where Jason and I are going to be living this spring). I'm also planning to read a lot and have a lot of projects planned.

And Tyler and Sarah are getting married in less than four weeks! I can't wait for that either. Thinking about it, a wedding at the Newport Beach Temple in sunny California at the end of April, naturally strongly reminds me of me and Jason's wedding a year ago, and it makes me really happy. I love family, and I love love, and happiness, and temples, and sunshine.

This month is going to be so packed full of awesome things - Tyler & Sarah's wedding, Aaron & Macall's wedding, graduating, our anniversary - it's going to be so fun and happy. Just thinking about it makes me happy. April is one of the best months. :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011


In Polynesian dance this week we covered Samoa! We both learned and tested this dance this week, so forgive us if we're not a pro at it in this video as we were in the last videos.

Oh, also, we had to yell the whole time because it was funny and the Samoans are kind of the comedians of the Polynesian Islands. Our teacher said that if we forgot how to do something, just make it up and yell!

This is the "Ipupopo" (coconut) dance. When you really dance it, you're holding halves of coconut shells in your hands. When we bend down in the video, we're setting down and picking up our imaginary coconut shells.

My hands were so red afterward. We had been clapping (hard) for a whole hour while practicing this dance; they began to hurt from having so much blood in them! But it was fun, and worth it.