Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Update on my Anxiety

So, a while back I talked to you about my anxiety. One of my friends asked about it the other day, and I realized it would probably be a good idea to give you an update.

First off, I want you to know that I'm doing much, much better. Back when I wrote that post in November, I was anxious pretty much all day, every day. Now, while I still have moments or times   where I have strong feelings of anxiety, they are much fewer and far between. That all-day-feeling is totally gone. I feel much lighter, and freer.

Some of the most helpful advice I got from the BYU counselor came when he was explaining what causes feelings of anxiety. He said it's a two-step process; first, you detect things that could be threats. (People with anxiety disorders see a lot of things as "threats.") Secondly, you ask yourself if you can handle those threats - and the (probably subconscious) answer is no.

So, to attack my anxiety, I worked on both of those things. First, I really thought about the things I was worried about and assured myself that none of them were earth-shattering, that nothing truly bad would happen if the worst happened in each case scenario. Whatever happened, I would be okay. When I really began to believe that, my anxiety went down a whole bunch. Then, for each thing I was feeling anxious about, I'd ask myself if i could handle it, and I would consciously answer yes. That gave me more confidence, and helped me feel less anxious as well.

I think just recognizing that I have an anxiety problem helps a lot. Realizing that helps me to view my feelings of anxiety somewhat objectively, and realize that they're not real, that just because I feel anxious doesn't mean there's anything to feel anxious about. That's helped a lot.

Like I said, I feel much lighter and freer nowadays. I really think I'm on my way to defeating this entirely. I've come a long way, and the future looks bright.

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  1. Happy to read this post =) Thanks for the update Jocelyn..
    Anxiety can be bad but it also can be the anxious feeling before a FUN date or trip that has been planned, anxiously waiting on whether your having a boy or girl, and anxiously waiting for that baby...=)Its HOW you deal with I am glad that you are doing well with it!


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