Thursday, March 10, 2011


Okay, so I realize it's a bit late to be writing about Thanksgiving. After all, there have been a couple months and a few major holidays in between the end of November and now. But, I finally just found the pictures (they were on my camera that's been hiding under my bed), and seeing them has reminded me what a great holiday it was! I really want to share it with you.

We had a few days off from school, and we used them to go to Highland and stay at my mom's house for a couple days. It was really enjoyable. Poor Jason got really sick in the middle, and couldn't actually eat anything on Thanksgiving. :( But, it was good to be around family and enjoy their company.

Here's Stefan rotating the turkey... (I don't remember why they had to do it, but I do remember they had to get creative to figure out how to do it.)

Us surprising Stefan when he looked up from the prayer...

Violet being adorable as usual...

And Alyse and Sydney jumping on the trampoline right before our big adventure.

On the last day, we went on a big adventure. Alyse, Sydney, Sydney's friend Claire, Jason, and I all bundled up nice and warm and headed off into the wilderness, down the dry creek bed that runs behind the property. It was really fun. At some point, we switched over to another creek and started coming back. This new creek was full of ice sheets that were incredibly fun to jump and stomp on. We broke them into millions of pieces, mostly because they made satisfying glass breaking sounds. Some had a bit of water beneath them, which led to a couple startling surprises for those jumping on them.

We walked back on this new creek forever and ever, and became convinced we were lost and miles away from the house. So, we abandoned the creek and began to trek through some woods. Very shortly we found the old creek, and realized we were just a few houses away from Mom and Stefan. And so, within just a few more minutes, we were back in the kitchen sipping big mugs of hot chocolate. It was a perfect ending to a really good week.


  1. hahaha! I love the picture of everyone surprising Stefan after the prayer! Hilarious! And I love adventures like your trek along the creeks. I'm glad you had a great time!


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