Friday, March 11, 2011

Tetris Battle Gaiden!

So, Jason has this amazing thing called an emulator on his computer, which allows him (and me) to play pretty much any video game we want, from the original Nintendo to Super Nintendo to Nintendo 64 and some other ones. (I pretty sure there's playstation on there, but who cares about anything but nintendo?) (You can probably guess which brand of console we had in my house growing up.)

We have a couple different games we really like playing together (Mario Kart comes to mind),  but right now our favorite game to play together is called Tetris Battle Gaiden. It's a version of tetris that was only ever released in Japan, so it's all in Japanese. We figured out what controls to use, though, so it's no problem. It's a pretty sweet version of tetris. You collect these little "magic balls" as you're playing, and then you can play them and do crazy things to your own blocks or the other person's blocks. It's really fun.

So, many a night in the last couple weeks at the Thomas household has started off like this:

And then you pick your character (they all have different magic attacks):

 And you're off! (See those little yellow balls on the blue side? Those are magic.)

So, that's our favorite game for now. :)

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  1. That is awesome! Jason left me his computer that has those game emulators on is too! So fun! I don't know what system this is for but you might like a game called Quizzes & Dragons, a personal favorite. :)


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