Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So, at first I was going to title this post "Piiiiiiiiiii." But then I realized, if you look at that word, and you don't know what I'm referring to, and you say it out loud, you're probably going to pronounce it as "Peeeeee." And that would be a bad thing.

Okay, scratch that. I titled it Piiiiiiiii anyway.

So, yes, Pi! I hope you all had a good Pi Day yesterday. If you don't know what Pi Day is, do you remember this guy from all your high school math classes? Well, its numerical value is 3.14 (to like a bajillion digits), which, if you think about it calendar-wise, is March 14th. Thus, a geeky and really fun holiday is born! Usually, Pi Day is celebrated by eating pie and having pi and pie related activities.

This Pi Day, the BYU math department put on a Pi Day celebration in Brigham Square. Alyse, her friend Tanner, and I all met up and got free hot dogs, watched a pie eating contest, threw some sticks on the ground to illustrate some mathematical concept (and got donuts!), played plinko (I won some post-it notes. Oh, math department. I love you and your wild sense of fun.), threw some frisbees, and were like twenty feet away when some guy recited 806 digits of Pi from memory. They had music going and there was a really fun atmosphere. It was a blast.

Later, me, Jason, Alyse, Tanner, and Alyse's roommate Becca all had some chocolate pudding pie together. Mmmm. Jason and I were really glad we actually had pie on pi day.

I hope you had an awesome Pi Day. And, if you didn't get any pie yesterday, don't fear! There's always Pi Approximation Day on June 22! (I guess you could even eat cake for that one. It's approximately a pie, kind of.) Or, if you want some sweetness a bit earlier, you could always sneak in a green grasshoper pie for St. Patrick's Day this Thursday. Yay for math!  ;)

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