Friday, March 25, 2011

Ohhh, boy

Our next month-and-a-half:

Today: March 25th.
Tomorrow, March 26: Ogden Temple trip with Jill and Tommy
March 28 to April 13: Last two-and-half weeks of class
April 2 and 3: General Conference!
April 16: First day of finals
April 20: We move to Highland
April 21: Last day of finals
April 21: Commencement (first day of graduation)
April 22: Convocation (I graduate!)
April 23: Our first anniversary!
April 24: Easter!
April 26: Jason starts spring semester
April 28: We drive to California
April 29: Tyler & Sarah's Wedding!
April 30: We drive back to Utah
May 6: We fly to San Francisco
May 6: Macall & Aaron's wedding!
May 8: We fly back to Utah
May 10thish: Eat dinner, and play games with Diana and Austin and violet at their new house!

Need I say more?


  1. yaaaaay anniversaries! yaaaaay weddings! yaaaaay california! san fran YESSSS. miss you guys tremendously.

  2. let's get golden spoon or something while you're out here! i'm sure youll be busy but id love to hang out - play some murder or something

  3. yes say more:
    "fly back to dinner, play games with diana and austin and violet at their new house! yippie!"

  4. Sarah - Yessss! Let's totally hang out when we're down. We'll only be there for a couple days, so we'll need to make sure to plan.

    Lol, Diana, I'm totally putting that in the post right now.

  5. FUN!!!! You'll be really busy, but it sounds like a party for the next few weeks! (minus finals ;)


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