Friday, March 4, 2011

My Classes

Despite the barrage of midterms I seem to be mired in right now, I really do have awesome classes.

For example, this week in my Marine Biology class I got to watch members of my class dance around with a ginormous crab claw to fiddle music.

Then, yesterday in my Evolutionary Biology class, we played with Betta fish for two hours. We set up experiments to determine dominance in the displaying patterns of males, and then we put their little cups next to each other and saw which ones were the best.

We were divided into groups of four, and each group got five fish. We named our fish Kyle, Steve, Philip, Nephi, and Red Hawk. Nephi (who is blue) and Red Hawk (who is red) were totally the two most dominant. As soon as they saw the other fish, they flared out their gills and their fins and danced around excitedly. Nephi was so good that we put him in the class competition, and he won! (Honestly, he was kind of tied with Megamind, but our teacher had to call a winner because we were out of time).

Sometime during the lesson, my friend Kira and I were eyeing the fish. We both love pets, and were wondering what the destiny of these fish were. "Joey," we asked innocently, "What are you guys going to do with the fish?"

Joey, our TA, answered without hesitation, "Flush them."

We gasped. "Really?!"

He started laughing. He's a really nice guy. "No, of course not. We'll find them good homes."

Relieved that he was kidding, and pushing forward with our plan, Kira asked, "Can we have one?"

"Yeah," answered Joey. "Totally. Come around here at 1 tomorrow when the last lab is over. Right?" He glanced at the other TA for confirmation, and she nodded her head.

So, we totally scored! I am currently sitting in the hall outside the class, waiting for the last lab to get over. Then, I will go inside and pick up Nephi, who I was lucky enough to be able to claim at the end of the lab. I'll also pick up a red fish for Alyse, who wanted one.

Do I have the best major at BYU? Why, yes. Yes I do.

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