Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Harry Potter Wizard Battle

So, on Saturday Jason and I had the opportunity to be in a Harry Potter wizard battle. The BYU comedy group Divine Comedy (who I love and who I'm a fan of on Facebook) sent out a message saying that they needed extras for a scene they were filming for their next show. Jason and I were like, jyah! and headed out. We texted some of our friends, and were happy to be joined by our friend David and our friends Will and Kristen.

It was a blast. We got sparklers (for our wands - they actually looked really cool), and all lit them when they told us to and then ran in and had a big battle. They took seven or eight takes, so we got to do it a bunch of times. It was so fun to be in a group of people all jumping around and yelling spells and waving sparklers at each other. One of the Divine Comedy guys was running around with a stuffed snowy owl (I'm pretty sure he was Hedwig). It made me even more excited to see their show at the end of the semester.  I hope we're in the video. Even if we aren't, we had a lot of fun filming it.

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