Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A good week to learn about Mormons

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting much lately; school has been crazy and my brain has pretty much turned off. Seriously. It's not thinking thoughts anymore. There's no other way to explain it, other than there are empty spaces inside it where thoughts should be.

Other than this last and worst phase of senioritis setting in, life has been good. Jason and I (and Alyse) made chocolate oreo truffles for family night on Monday, and they were delicious. It's really simple, too; you just mash up a bag of oreos with a package of cream cheese, roll them into little balls, and then either cover them in melted chocolate or roll them in cocoa powder or powdered sugar. Sooo good. Mmm.

So, this week is a good week to learn about Mormons. Why? Because General Conference is this weekend! What is general conference, you ask? Well, every six months we basically have one big Mormon party. All of our general church leaders all get together in Salt Lake, and they give talks all about the gospel (what we believe). It's really cool. We believe that these men are true prophets and apostles, and they're inspired by God in what they say to us. So, it's always really relevant and usually very powerful.

You can watch/listen in a bunch of different ways, too (they broadcast it all over). You can actually go to Salt Lake and be there in the conference center, you can go to your nearest church building and watch it from a broadcast, you can watch or listen to it on the internet, or you can watch it on TV (my favorite). And, if you miss it, you can always watch or listen to it from the archives.

General Conference is a great way to learn what we really believe. Why? Because it's what our leaders are teaching us, right now. It's not obscure quotes taken out of context, or things from a hundred years ago, it's right now, and it's to everyone. If you're interested in watching a bit, the sessions are at 9 AM and 1 PM (California time) on Saturday and Sunday, and this page has links to watch or listen to it.

I love general conference. General Conference weekends are seriously my favorite weekends of the year. We get to stay home in our pajamas all weekend, get to be with family, get to eat yummy food, and (most awesomely) get to hear the words of truly inspired men. It's seriously one of the most uplifting, happiest weekends of the year. If you can, check it out! Maybe you can have your own mormon party. :)


  1. Jocelyn you are the best! Thanks for posting this!

    p.s. I think you meant 1 PM.

  2. Haha, yep, I did! Thanks. I changed it. :)


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