Friday, February 11, 2011

Not the best dinner I've ever made

Once upon a time, I set out to make a simple dinner of fettucini, green beans, and garlic bread (all of which, I have to say, I've made a million times before without incident). The green beans went in one pot with water and the vegetable steamer, the fettucini went into another pot of boiling water, and the buttered bread went into the oven set to "broil." 

About ten minutes after the green beans went on the stove, I started smelling something funny. At first, I assumed it was whatever that stuff had been on the broiler that had turned all charcoaly, but I realized that that wasn't it. Upon further inspection, I realized that the green bean pot looked funny. It kind of looked...expanded. Round at the bottom. (It's a cheap, thin pot we got from DI for fifty cents, so it's kind of bendable). I lifted the lid, and discovered that the water had all boiled dry! "Ahh!" I yelled, when I saw that the pot was now warping and turning crazy colors and spewing carcinogenic fumes into the air and green beans. "Jason!" I yelped. "Jason! I warped the pot!" He jumped up and came and saw. He was very understanding, and comforted me as I sadly threw our beloved fifty cent pot away. And, after a moment's thought, the carcinogenic green beans.

He went back to making the flyers for our YSA game night next week (for our calling), and I went on with making the food. The fettucini was coming along nicely, and I was considering making a smoothie. There was still too much smoke, though. The air was full of it. I was surprised at how much smoke the warped pot could make. I went over to look  at the stove closer, and glanced at the oven/stove knobs. Why was the oven knob on? To broil? There wasn't anything...

The toast! I whipped open the oven door, but it was far, far too late. There, sitting on their cookie sheet on the top shelf, sat three very, very black pieces of charcoal. "Jason!" I yelled. "Jason, look what I did!" I pulled them out with an oven mitt, grabbed a wooden spatula, and began chunking them off into the trashcan. Jason came into help, and as we both shook with laughter at how disastrous this simple dinner was turning out, I tried to explain myself. "I got so distracted by the pot that I totally forgot about the toast. I was distracted." He was, again, so understanding. And laughing pretty hard.

In the end, our meal was able to be saved. Nothing crazy happened with the fettucini, we cracked open some canned green beans and microwaved them, and Jason made a delicious chocolate banana milk shake. It was perfect. :)

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  1. hahah! this made me laugh! sometimes things just don't work. :)


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