Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Alyse, Jason, and I are currently sitting together in the basement of the JFSB. We're sitting right in the center of the swirly stairs, if you know where those are. This exchange definitely just happened:

Alyse had a ziploc baggy of dried mangoes on her lap. I grabbed the mango on top of the baggy and went to put it in my mouth, but then pulled it back as I took a closer look at it. "Does this mango have a bite taken out of it?" I asked accusingly.

Alyse: "No, it just looks like it does because you put it in your mouth."

Me: "It looks like it has a bite mark in it!"

Alyse: "No it doesn't."

So, I shrugged off my doubts and put it in my mouth. About ten seconds later, Alyse started looking all over her lap and then asked, "Wait a second, where'd you get that? Where'd my mango go?"

The end. :)

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