Friday, February 18, 2011

Date Night

I love every week when Friday rolls around, because Friday is a special day for me and Jason. Friday means Date Night.

Every week we go on a date. Sometimes it's a group date with some of our friends; most of the time it's just us two. We do whatever sounds the most fun to us that night (and we like to keep it cheap). We play board games, we go to the dollar theater, we rent movies from the library, we make special dinners, we go on adventures, we do all sorts of things. Date night is the best, because we get to spend time together just having fun.

We're not sure yet what we're going to do tonight. We're thinking about having an "Italian Night," making Italian food and watching an Italian movie, but we might do something else entirely. Whatever we do, I'm sure it'll be fun. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine

Guys, it's no secret. I love Jason. I love Jason an incredible amount. Luckily, he loves me an incredible amount, too. We are so lucky to have each other and to be married.

We had an awesome Valentine's day yesterday. After school, we had a special dinner (fried chicken, french bread, and green beans) and gave each other our valentines. Jason put together an awesome scavenger hunt for me. The notes led me all over (and outside) our apartment and finally to a big bag of chocolate covered almonds. After, I showed him the movie I made him (below). Then we watched "So I Married an Axe Murderer." It was a super fun day. :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Sarah and Tyler are ENGAGED!!!!

I can't even tell you how excited I am. I really can't. Sarah and Tyler are some of my best and oldest and dearest friends. Tyler's Jason's younger brother (who's exactly a year and two days younger than me) and Sarah's been my friend forever, since before high school. I can't even begin to tell you of all the many, many adventures I've had with Sarah and Tyler through the years.

They started dating in high school, basically as soon as Tyler turned sixteen (when, in mormon culture, it's okay to date). And he's 21 now, which means they've been dating for five years! Tyler got back a couple months ago from a two year mission for our church to the Carribean, during which Sarah waited faithfully for him.

I love them. I love them both. And we am so happy for them, and happy that Sarah's going to be in our family, and basically this is the best thing ever.  Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

My Mommy

Today is my mommy's birthday. I love her a lot. 
She's the best mom ever. She's pretty much perfect. 
Definitely the perfect mom for me.

Happy birthday Mom. :)

Not the best dinner I've ever made

Once upon a time, I set out to make a simple dinner of fettucini, green beans, and garlic bread (all of which, I have to say, I've made a million times before without incident). The green beans went in one pot with water and the vegetable steamer, the fettucini went into another pot of boiling water, and the buttered bread went into the oven set to "broil." 

About ten minutes after the green beans went on the stove, I started smelling something funny. At first, I assumed it was whatever that stuff had been on the broiler that had turned all charcoaly, but I realized that that wasn't it. Upon further inspection, I realized that the green bean pot looked funny. It kind of looked...expanded. Round at the bottom. (It's a cheap, thin pot we got from DI for fifty cents, so it's kind of bendable). I lifted the lid, and discovered that the water had all boiled dry! "Ahh!" I yelled, when I saw that the pot was now warping and turning crazy colors and spewing carcinogenic fumes into the air and green beans. "Jason!" I yelped. "Jason! I warped the pot!" He jumped up and came and saw. He was very understanding, and comforted me as I sadly threw our beloved fifty cent pot away. And, after a moment's thought, the carcinogenic green beans.

He went back to making the flyers for our YSA game night next week (for our calling), and I went on with making the food. The fettucini was coming along nicely, and I was considering making a smoothie. There was still too much smoke, though. The air was full of it. I was surprised at how much smoke the warped pot could make. I went over to look  at the stove closer, and glanced at the oven/stove knobs. Why was the oven knob on? To broil? There wasn't anything...

The toast! I whipped open the oven door, but it was far, far too late. There, sitting on their cookie sheet on the top shelf, sat three very, very black pieces of charcoal. "Jason!" I yelled. "Jason, look what I did!" I pulled them out with an oven mitt, grabbed a wooden spatula, and began chunking them off into the trashcan. Jason came into help, and as we both shook with laughter at how disastrous this simple dinner was turning out, I tried to explain myself. "I got so distracted by the pot that I totally forgot about the toast. I was distracted." He was, again, so understanding. And laughing pretty hard.

In the end, our meal was able to be saved. Nothing crazy happened with the fettucini, we cracked open some canned green beans and microwaved them, and Jason made a delicious chocolate banana milk shake. It was perfect. :)

Friday, February 4, 2011


So, there's this guy named Julian Smith that makes incredibly funny videos. These two make me laugh so hard. :) I hope they'll brighten your day.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Death and Taxes

Hi everyone! This is Jason. I just thought that I should tell you all a story of recent events. It goes something like this...

Me: Oh! The IRS has already got back to me about getting our return. I thought that would take weeks before they did that. But I guess since I'm probably the only person in America who has filed their taxes already they...
Jocelyn: The taxes?
Me: Yep. Filed them last night.
Jocelyn: The federal taxes?
Me: Uh huh.
Jocelyn: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! You filed our taxes!

(At this point Jocelyn proceeded to throw herself upon me as though in the depths of darkest agony and despair)

Jocelyn: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I studied years for this! And you FILED them! I could have helped! I could have helped! NoooooooooooOOooo... etc...

(She proceeded then to ooze slowly to the floor in a heap of sorrow and woe)

After several minutes of comforting, we both ended up in a laughing heap. She has forgiven me for my punctuality. I promised she could help every year for the rest of our life.

That is the end of my story. I hope you liked it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Alyse, Jason, and I are currently sitting together in the basement of the JFSB. We're sitting right in the center of the swirly stairs, if you know where those are. This exchange definitely just happened:

Alyse had a ziploc baggy of dried mangoes on her lap. I grabbed the mango on top of the baggy and went to put it in my mouth, but then pulled it back as I took a closer look at it. "Does this mango have a bite taken out of it?" I asked accusingly.

Alyse: "No, it just looks like it does because you put it in your mouth."

Me: "It looks like it has a bite mark in it!"

Alyse: "No it doesn't."

So, I shrugged off my doubts and put it in my mouth. About ten seconds later, Alyse started looking all over her lap and then asked, "Wait a second, where'd you get that? Where'd my mango go?"

The end. :)