Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Family Pictures

When we were in California last week we were able to take pictures with all of Jason's family. It's the first time all of the siblings have been together in like 7 years (and, if you count the spouses, the first time everyone's all been together) and it was awesome! We went to Yorba Regional Park (you might remember it from the frisbee post a couple days ago) and took these pictures right before the sun set. Now we have pictures of everyone all together! Yee-haw!

Here's Michael and Shelley,

All the brothers!

And all the girls!

James and Aubrey

From left to right: Tyler (Jason's younger brother) and his girlfriend Sarah, Tiffany (Jason's older sister) and her husband Jarom, Jason's parents Diana and James, holding Tiffany and Jarom's daughters Aubrey and Mikayla, Michael (Jason's older brother) and his wife Shelley, and me and Jason.

All of the siblings and their significant others!

The Saubles

Tyler and Sarah

Tiffany and Jarom


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