Friday, December 24, 2010

Tyler's HOME!!!!

So, guess who got back from his mission last night?


Yay!!! That's right; he's finally home! We all (the family) went to the airport to meet him. We couldn't wait! Seriously, it was sooo exciting!

We waited by the escalator, and had to kind of bend a little to see all the way up to the top. We were looking really hard (especially his mom).

And then he came! And there was joy and rejoicing in the land!

Tyler, Jason, Michael, and their Dad all compared tans. Tyler was way darker than his brothers, but I think James beat them all.

Here's the whole family, together for the first time in years! Michael and Shelley, Jarom and Tiffany and their girls, Tyler, James and Diana, and me and Jason!

We are all really, really happy. :)

And you're all invited to come hear him speak this Sunday in church! Tyler's awesomely friendly and energetic, and this should pretty much be the best talk ever, so you'll really want to come. The church address is 5550 Ohio St, Yorba Linda, 92886, and he'll be speaking around 9:30 (the service starts at 9). Come!! We'll be there, and it will be fun! Yeah! :D

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