Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Golfing with Frisbees

Sometimes I feel like my life is better told in pictures (like these last two weeks). On Monday, Jason and I played frisbee golf at Yorba Regional Park with Tyler, Tiffany, Jarom, Aubrey and Mikayla, and Brett. It was so fun! I love Yorba Regional Park; it is the home of many, many good memories from my high school years.

Jason, Brett, Tyler, and I got there a couple minutes before Jarom and Tiffany arrived, and we so we naturally warmed up with a frisbee battle.

When they got there, we started our game! We would all decide on a target, like getting between the fork of a specific tree, or landing on top of something, or getting your frisbee stuck in a certain bush, and then we would go for it! We had a specific order we would first throw (Brett, Jarom, Tyler, me, Jason, Tiffany) and then whoever was farthest away would go (like regular golf). It was seriously so fun. We did nine "holes" (meaning nine trees, water boxes, picnic tables, bushes, and a playground slide).

At the end, when we were heading for our last goal (the playground), we randomly ran into our friends Katie and Jake! Yay! They're awesome. And it was so fun to see them in the middle of a huge park.

Good day!

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