Monday, November 8, 2010

I was ready for church an hour early today

It was an accident.

A good one.

I don't know how it did it. It wasn't because of Daylight Savings (seriously). I knew we were gaining an hour; I knew my phone would automatically change an hour back at two o'clock, and so my alarms would be all fine.

I just thought church was an hour earlier than it's ever been before.

Our church starts at 11 o'clock. It has always started at 11 o'clock. But today, for some reason, my brain told me it started at 10.

I got up at 8, I got ready, I got dressed, I packed my bag, and I looked at the clock - 9:50. But Jason wasn't ready. "I'm ready to go," I told him encouragingly. Smiling, as if he were about to reveal a secret, he replied, "Church doesn't start for an hour."

"No it doesn't," I started, "It starts -" And then I stopped. Because he was absolutely right, and I had been operating under a delusion all morning. "I didn't tell you until you were all ready," he said with a mischievous smile. Oh, the love of my life. I forgive him. It was funny.

So then I had an hour on my hands. Which naturally means... pictures! We have about a billion leaves on the ground outside, and Jason's been dying to rake them, and I wanted to get some pictures before they're all gone, so I went outside and got fresh morning air and goodness.

Here's right outside our door:

And this is our sidewalk: (can you tell where the sidewalk ends and the yard begins?)

Our tree:

And some leaves:

Jason, seeing that I had finally taken a picture of our doorstep, grabbed a broom and started sweeping the leaves off in little puffy explosions.

Then he got the camera and took some pictures of me. :)

After I got the camera back, I started taking pictures of our front door, when guess who appeared taking out our trash?

Jason! Awww. He's such a good husband. :)

So, though it was an accident, I had a really pleasant hour before church. I spent most of it outside, in perfect air, in our very fall-y front yard. It was lovely.

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  1. haha...this made me laugh. I love that Jason didn't tell you. :) And you are BEAUTIFUL! I love you guys!


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