Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

With Halloween falling on a Saturday this year, and the celebrations lasting all weekend, Halloween was pretty much a three-day holiday for us. To kick it off, we had an orange date on Friday. Our dinner was all orange - mac and cheese, carrots, and orange juliuses. Mmmm.

We carved awesome pumpkins (see below) while watching Gilligan's Island, and then Jason had to go to work. After he left, our friends Jill and Tommy dropped by to show us their awesome costumes. Melissa, another one of our good friends, did their makeup. They walked all old, too. They looked seriously awesome. They have more pictures on their blog here.

On Saturday night, Jason and I went to our church halloween party and gave out candy to tons of little kids. Jason dressed up as "awesome" with a leather jacket, and I decided to be a queen. I dressed my yellow prom dress from high school, a regal looking yellow collar-neck thing we constructed, my tiara from my bridal shower, and tons of jewelry. I looked awesome. (It had to be said. Also, I like the word awesome.) I'm sorry I didn't take any pictures.

When we got home, we watched "The Lady Vanishes," an old Hitchcock film, on Hulu. In it, there's this girl on this train and an old lady helps her and has tea with her after she bumps her head. After she has tea with the old lady and they go back to their compartment, she falls asleep. When she wakes up, the old lady's gone - and everyone says she never existed at all. It's a really good movie, and a great way to spend the evening.

This is Jason's pumpkin:

Look how good it is! Isn't he talented? He did it after the cover of The Dark Lord of Derkholm (one of my favorite books, and one I'm going to write a post on soon:)

Okay, look at the cover, then look at his pumpkin again. His is better than the cover. Seriously, isn't he amazing?

This is, um, my pumpkin:

I decided to branch out this year and do something different than my regular smiley face, so I tried doing this ginko leaf thing on the side. Then, that was hard, so... I made my smiley face. And look how happy he is!!

Yesterday (actual Halloween) we went to my mom's house in Highland, where we had dinner and played games.

Awesome weekend!

(Now look at Jason's pumpkin one more time.)

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  1. Wow Jason's pumpkin is spectacular! And you are so funny Jocelyn!


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