Monday, November 29, 2010

Clothes Reclamation Project

See those clothes? Those are my clothes. I like them. In that pile there's a couple pairs of jeans, a couple skirts, and a couple dresses. The thing that they all have in common is that they all need some tweaking. The jeans just need some repair work after having been used for a couple years, while the dresses and skirts just need to be a couple inches longer for me to be comfortable wearing them. So, my clothes project has begun!

I'm excited to fix my clothes so they're how I want them. I'm excited for these pieces to actually be options when I reach in the closet, you know?

The first in the bunch I want to show you is my red skirt. It was just a little bit too short. It may look fine in that picture, but whenever I wore it it rode up so it hit me in this awkward spot just right above my knees. So, I went to the craft store and found some red fabric that was the closest red to the skirt. I went to my mom's house, got help from her and her sewing machine, and

It's long enough now. I wore it to church a couple weeks ago. :) I haven't worn it in forever, but now that it's long enough I totally will.

Next I'll show you the jeans. They're less exciting, but I'm still glad they're fixed.

I hope you're having a good Monday!

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