Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Carrot to beat all those other carrots I showed you

Okay, I know I've shown you a lot of carrots in the past couple months. I appreciate your patience. I'm sure you don't wake up every morning with the dearest wish that I'll have posted more pictures of carrots today. But, guys, this time I have to.

Jason and I finally harvested absolutely everything from our garden last week. It was going to snow, and we wanted everything out of the ground. Plus, we wanted to take our harvest to my mom's house for Thanksgiving so that we could share all of our delicious food.

And we found it.

The biggest carrot ever.

A carrot bigger than any carrot you've ever ever seen before.

This carrot.

Here it is compared to a normal carrot and a spoon. (Think about how big a spoon is. Then think about how big this carrot right next to that spoon right there.)

Here, a normal carrot and my hand.

My leg. (I should have hiked up my pj's so you can see it better, but it goes from my knee to my ankle. And I'm a tall person and have long legs. Look at your leg. Think about a carrot going from your knee to your ankle.)

Okay, finally, think about a potato. Think about how big a potato is. Think about your hand, and how it would compare to a potato. Now think about an apple. Think about how big an apple would be in your hand, and how big a carrot would be in your hand.

Then look at this:

Biggest. Carrot. EVER.

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