Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Signing up for Classes

So, yesterday I signed up for my last semester at BYU. Perhaps because it's my last chance to take classes here, I'm very restless about my schedule right now. I want to make sure I've taken everything I want to. And being here, at this point, I'm really glad I've taken a lot of optional classes along the way that I wanted to take - astronomy, animal restraint, world dance, my whole family life minor. This week I pretty much registered for everything I could think of, so right now I'm signed up for 10 classes and 16.5 credits.

The classes I'm signed up for that I'm required to take:
Evolutionary Biology (2 credits)
Evolutionary Biology Lab (1 credit)

A class I'm signed up for that I want to take and I'm required to take (unless I take statistics) but am a little bit intimidated by:
Wildlife Behavioral Ecology (3 credits)

Classes I'm signed up for that I definitely want to take:
Self-defense (0.5 credits)
Foundations of DAP (developmentally appropriate practices) (2 credits)
Food Preparation in the Home (2 credits)
Polynesian Dance (0.5 credits)

Classes I'm signed up for that I kind of want to take, but am considering changing:
Beginning Badminton (0.5 credits)
Infant Development in the Family (3 credits)
Beginning Piano (2 credits)

Another class I'm considering is Beginning Japanese (I took three years of Japanese in high school), but I'd have to drop at least one class and rearrange my schedule for it.

Any suggestions of what to take, what to change, or what to keep?

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