Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jason won the bet

At the beginning of October, Jason and I had a discussion about when we predicted it would first snow here in Provo. Jason guess that it would snow by October 28th, I guess that it wouldn't snow until after Halloween.

Jason won.

Today it snowed. I looked out the window, and snowflakes were falling down around us. Well, "falling" isn't the right word. They moved towards the ground with the intensity of someone who has jumped off a high diving board and is heading toward the water. And now, as Jason and I get ready for bed, a layer of snow lies on the grass and trees outside.

My feet got cold from the suddenly chilly air. Here they are all bundled up against the cold weather:

Mmm. Sooo warm. And snuggly. mmmm. :) Do you know most of your body heat is lost through your head and your feet? So, if you are feeling cold, if you cover up those things first, you'll be significantly warmer! So, when I was cold yesterday: me + socks = me significantly warmer!

Oh, also, see the wreath on our door? I made it! Jill and I got together last week for a night of girl talk and making wreaths. It was so fun! And we were both very happy with our wreaths. Hers was so cute, too. It had all these pretty red and orange leaves and little berries. Crafts are so fun!

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  1. Your wreath looks cute -- very autumny. It sounds like it's good toe warmer weather. ;) By the way, I am pretty sure Jason is psychic, so you might want to avoid making bets with him where the future is being predicted.


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