Wednesday, October 27, 2010

For Lizi

This is Lizi. She is wonderful. She is one of my best friends.

Her birthday was last week, on the 22nd, and she turned 22. :)

And I forgot to call her.

I am a bad friend.

But Lizi is a good friend, and I love her. :) So this is for Lizi.


Remember freshman year, when we first met, and you thought I was quiet, and I thought you were Polish?

And this:

And these guys:

(And remember when Batman popped, and you hung the popped balloons from the light, and somehow it looked like dismemberment, and the subsequent kidnapping and funeral of Batman?)

And April Fools Day, and cleaning out the fridge at midnight, and changing our minds about our majors like eight times, and food, and Scarlet, and bunkbeds, and the incident involving glow sticks that came to be known as the "really bad idea," and the other incident involving washing hair & vaseline & ketchup & dish soap, and breakdowns, and talking, and helping and encouraging and loving each other.

And of course this and this and this. (Especially the last one.)

Lizi, I love you.

(And you are gorgeous.)

Happy birthday!


  1. :) this is happy! I love Lizi and miss her. And haha to the "really bad idea" and the ketchup hair. :) man, I miss you guys!

  2. Weem so LITTLE in that last picture :)


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