Friday, October 8, 2010


I love fall. Fall is my favorite season, hands down. It's filled with such feelings for me; I don't know how to explain it. Maybe it's because all of the orange and red and yellow decorations come out, with leaves and pumpkins and school supplies; maybe it's my birthday; maybe it's the cooling of the air or the halloween-themed picture books and kids shows; I think it's all of it together. I love fall.

And I'm so excited, because for the very first time this year, Jason and I have our own home, and we get to decorate it. We've already got a pumpkin that lights up and a candy-corn candy dish, and a little smiley ceramic pumpkin. We borrowed some light-up pumpkin lights that are in our window, and Jason decorated it too with glow-in-the-dark spiderwebs and spiders. And I'm sooo excited, because my old roommates and I are getting together sometime soon to make fall decorations. I'm going to make a fall leaf wreath and get some (fake) leaves and fall-colored flowers to decorate our apartment. Also we might make those cheese-cloth ghosts. I'm so excited. I love fall and I love fall decorations.

The weather is getting colder. Just a couple days ago I was walking to school and thinking about how warm it was and how I haven't had to wear a sweatshirt to school yet; two hours later I emerged from my classroom building into the middle of a windy, rainy hurricane thing. It was awesome. As I tried to walk home I was being blown backwards, smattered with rain, and it was awesome. I changed into jeans later in the day, and I am wearing them again today. It's the first time I've worn them since like April. (And I brought a sweatshirt to school. Although I probably didn't need one. Maybe I'm just excited.) It's faaaalll.

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