Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cake and awesomeness

So, it was my birthday last Thursday! It was fun. I love my birthday. I love birthdays in general. They're like your own personal holiday. And I just love October 14th. It's just the friendliest day.

(P.S. Click here to read something really funny about cake. Um, I can't completely guarantee the language though. It's mostly safe, except right towards the end. Here I can guarantee the language, and it's also very funny and very, very cake-related.)

This October 14th was awesome. Jason went to the gym in the morning, and when he got back Alyse, Sydney, Jason and I went to Kneaders for hot chocolate. After that, Jason and I went to the temple, and after that Alyse, Sydney and I went to the Bean museum. It has every kind of bean you can imagine. Okay, no it doesn't. It has animals. Here Alyse and Sydney are looking at the butterfly wall.

And here Alyse is telling us about the giant moths that invaded their apartments in Brazil.

I had to leave Alyse and Syd at the Bean museum to go to church history class (actually one of my favorite classes), after which I met Jason at the Wilkinson center, where we met Alyse and Sydney to go bowling. Every BYU student gets a free game of bowling each year, so us three used that and got in free! We had lots of fun.

After our awesome game of bowling, we all headed up to my mom's house in Highland. There we had cake and dinner and got to hang out with family. Awesome.

It was a very, very good day. :)

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