Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Backwards left-handed on one foot

So on my birthday, I mentioned that Jason, Sydney, Alyse and I went bowling at the BYU bowling alley. Craziest. Game. Ever.

As we walked into the bowling alley, Alyse asked us if we had ever played skittle bowling. None of us had, so she explained it for us: when it's your turn to bowl, you draw a skittle from a bag. Whatever color you draw determines how you throw your ball that turn: backwards, left-handed, etcetera. We didn't have any skittles, but we still wanted to play, so we decided to all throw our balls a different way each turn.

For our first turns we all threw it normal, but it quickly dissolved into craziness after that. The second round was backwards, then left handed, then with our eyes closed, then kicking it, then with this weird metal thing we found. You get the idea.

We actually did surprisingly well. Jason and I both got spares on the one with our eyes closed, I got a spare on backwards, Alyse got a spare on something crazy, and Sydney got a spare backwards left-handed on one leg. All in all, we had ten spares between us in the game.

(This was the weird metal thing we found. It was actually the hardest.)

I don't know how to explain the one Jason is doing in the pictures below...we kind of had to hold the ball to our chest with our elbows, run at the pins, and then launch it (with no hands).

(Kicking the ball)


Backwards left-handed on one foot



  1. You guys are so cute! I think you have more fun together than any other two people on earth!


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