Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Littlefoot and Friends

So, the week before school started, Alyse, Jason and I
seized the last bit of summer and went to the BYU dinosaur museum.
I've been wanting to go there for years. It was fun.
We walked in the doors and our attention was immediately captured by this display of amazing rocks (all different kinds, really crazy looking) that we couldn't tear ourselves away from for like 20 minutes. Then we looked at all the dinosaur bones, which were cool, and HUGE!

Swim, little fish, swim!

The dinosaurs like Jason a little too much...


  1. Your blog makes me happy! :) You are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You guys should go up to the Dinosaur museums in Ogden and Vernal (which I grew up going to -- the one in Vernal has a quarry!) and the one at Thanksgiving point which happens to be the world's largest dinosaur museum... just saying :)


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