Friday, August 27, 2010

California Trip

Happy end of summer! In celebration of getting out of summer semester a couple weeks ago, Jason and I drove down to California two weeks ago. We got to spend tons of time with family, and on Friday the 20th we got to go to my cousin Shelley's wedding (that's her below. Isn't she cute?). It was so fun!! Like I mentioned a couple posts ago, they got married in the Newport Beach Temple, and it was just such a beautiful ceremony. They had their reception at this horse-ranch place close to the beach. Really cool.

And while we were down...we ate our wedding cake. Yuuuuum. We know the tradition is to wait a year, but we didn't want it to get all freezer-burned and gross and year-oldish. And it wasn't. It was chocolately and good and delicious. Mmmmmm.

It was still just a little bit frozen.

It tasted so good. Like ice cream cake. Mmmm.


And finally, the reception! So many friends and family members. So awesome.

(Forgive my big poofy veil in these first pictures. I didn't know. But, oh well.)

This is, "We don't know what we're doing." We've never done this before, you see.

Jason takes command...
Mwuhahaha...I mean, Jason gets some too...

Our mommies are tired.


Lunch time!

Okay, I changed my mind. I know I said I was going to do just one post for the luncheon and the reception, but man! Do you know how hard that is? There are just too many good pictures to choose from; I really can't fit them all into one post. So, without further ado, I present our wedding luncheon!

Okay, a little more ado: I just have to say I love everyone in these pictures. Just seeing them makes me happy.

Wait, wait, some more ado: we had our luncheon in my dad's backyard. Gorgeous, isn't it? Okay, now you may proceed. :)

People I love...

More people I love...

And more people I love! This is my wonderful cousin Brittany and her sweet, wonderful son Jake. She's actually got her own blog that you should check out. Isn't Jake cute?

So much love!