Monday, July 19, 2010

Garden Update!

It's doing awesome! This picture was taken a couple days ago, and since then, everything has just gotten even bigger! Especially one of the tomato plants - German Johnson. He's going through some kind of growth spurt.

The green beans, tomatoes, and peppers are all flowering, and the onions and carrots are getting fat. While taking these pictures, I even found some real green beans! Yay!

Grandma and Grandpa

Are the best. Seriously. We love them so much. :)

We have the best grandparents ever.

Vikings! Arrrgh!

Jason and I saw "How to Tame Your Dragon" at the dollar theater a couple weeks ago. It's really pretty funny. I think my very favorite two seconds of the film are when you see the dad mouth, "What the..." There are some pretty funny lines in there. I want to quote them all to you right now, but I'll refrain.

And it must be a viking themed month, because then we saw this guy like a week later as we were were walking to meet my grandparents at the 4th of July parade. Yes! Arrrgh!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Camping in the Uintas

So, two weeks ago, we went camping! We had a couple days between Spring and Summer semesters, and we used the opportunity to go camping with my sisters Alyse and Sydney. Jason planned the whole thing; he found us a mountain to head for, places to go hiking, and planned a menu and shopping list. And so, on Thursday, we packed in the car and headed off!

It was so fun. We cooked smores, went on a hike (a long, long hike), explored in the trees, had facials, and all the stuff you do in the woods. Awesome.