Friday, May 10, 2019

April Miscellaneous

Somehow (and I know you're going to have a hard time believing me on this, but it's true) it's May. April has come and gone. Obviously, for our family the biggest event was the arrival of baby Jill on April 11. She is super cute, and doing great.

There's a road sign that Jason and I have wanted Ellie, Zelda, and Susanna to get a picture next to for a long time - it's called Three Sisters Road. The week before Jill was born, we realized that it was our last chance for them to get a picture next to the sign and for it to be accurate - three (and only three) sisters together.

Then, of course, Jill was born! Here's Ellie with Jill on one of Jill's first days home:

Daddy reading a story to the older girls:

The book was called "This Book is Red" (even though it was purple) and it used convoluted logic on each page to "prove" that it's red. Ellie and Zelda thought it was really funny, Susie just kept defiantly saying, "No, it's purple," the whole time.

Ellie and Zelda posing:

Susie riding her horsey (she shouted "Yeehaw!" right after this):

Another time Ellie was holding Jill:

Susie after Easter with her jellybean haul:

My mom somehow fused these blender pieces together:

She doesn't know how she did it, and neither do I, but I'm seriously impressed.

Baby girl:

Ellie and Susie before church one week:

And this was after dinner later. It was a warm night, and they sat outside eating ice cream and finding shapes in the clouds:

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Strawberry Picking

On Saturday we went strawberry picking! This is one of my favorite traditions we have for when the weather warms up. 

We got loads of strawberries. We washed them as soon as we got home and laid them all out to dry, and then Ellie and Zelda sat at the table just eating strawberry after strawberry after strawberry. A lot of them got made into jam that afternoon, some were eaten with angel food cake, and now just a couple days later we only have a handful left. I think we might need to go again. :)

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Easter Egg Hunt

One of the families in our ward (church congregation) holds an awesome Easter egg hunt each year that everyone is welcome to attend. At the bottom of this post you'll find a couple pictures from when we went last year: March 2018.

Now that Jason's mom has gone home, my own mom is staying with us for a while to help with the girls and the new baby. On the Saturday of the Easter egg hunt, she watched Jill at home so that Jason and I could take the other three girls out.

How our friends organize the egg hunt is that they have a big property with a path that runs through their woods and ends at a pretty little orchard. The smallest kids (toddlers and babies) start right in the orchard, where eggs are all over the grass. Each successive age group (3-5, 6-8, and 9-12) starts farther back on the same path, so that the younger kids walk by the most eggs and the older kids clean up as they come through and get the missed and harder-to-find eggs. Everyone gets a ton of eggs, and it's such a smart and fun way to do it.

Susie only wanted one egg. She found a purple egg right at the start, and she didn't want any more. She even switched out the purple egg at a couple points for different purple eggs, but she didn't want the ones she left behind - just the current purple egg that she was holding.

Ellie and Zelda, of course, picked up a lot more, and helped fill up Susie's bag, too.

Emptying out the eggs:

Susie admiring her white chocolate bunny:

My super, super cute husband:

The girls laughing and yelling to Daddy about the "Bunny man" (the kid on the porch wearing a big bunny head costume in the picture above):

We had so much fun! Thank you to the Martins for inviting us.