Monday, June 17, 2019

Captain's Log, Week 477

Summer has gotten off to a good start. Ellie finished school like a week ago, Susie turned three, we celebrated Father's Day, and we're about to visit family in California.

On one of the days in the first week of June, Jason took the girls "camping" in the backyard. All of them ended up back in the house by 10 pm (which we were expecting), but they had a lot of fun doing it. Ellie found a gray tree frog and like 7 caterpillars in the grass while Jason was setting up the tent. 

And Jill has been cute, every day:

Ellie finished first grade. She had such a great teacher this year who helped her improve on both her strengths and the things that challenged her.

Her teachers gave her the "ravenous reader" award, which definitely fits her. She reads SO much. Just in this last week she's read both Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, along chapters and multiple pages of various others books.

Jill had her two-month check-up, got her shots, and finally weighs 8 pounds and something ounces! She is so tiny. :) But gaining well and totally healthy.

On the first day of Ellie's summer break, we took the girls to the splash pad. It was overcast but warm and a nice day.

Susie preferred to stay in her clothes while her sisters splashed in the water. She found some flowers and then played with Daddy on the playground.

Since Ellie's been on her break, we've mostly been at home and I've been packing up everything I can. As I mentioned above, we're about to go on vacation, and then very, very soon after we get back we're moving to the town here that we used to live in when Jason was going to grad school. So it's moving time again! Jill helped me pack.

Also, the local weather people are funny. Here's just one of their reports from last week:

Then just yesterday, Susie turned three years old! She is so smart, and funny, and cuddly, and we just love her so much.

Jason made her this awesome cake:

And yesterday was also Father's Day! Jason is seriously such a wonderful dad. Both the girls and I are so lucky to have him.

Well, we're super excited for the next couple weeks, and I've got to get back to packing. Here's a couple more photos of Jill!

Monday, June 10, 2019


May was mostly a month filled with baby cuddles and just adjusting to having four kids instead of three. My mom stayed with us for the whole month and she was a HUGE help to us. 

Jill has been such a good baby. She's a good eater and a pretty good sleeper, as far as little babies go.

Her sisters love her and want to hold her all the time and want to help feed her bottles and are always helping us grab her pacifiers or diapers or burp cloths. Here they are on different days and at different times snuggling with her:

My mom got some cool photos of the girls at play while she was here. Below, Zelda is building castles with blocks. She's super creative and her castles are always different and cool and sometimes gravity-defying. 

Ellie, meanwhile, made this awesome train of animals one day:

Hugs at home: 

And playtime at the park:

One night Ellie wanted some baby cuddles before she went to sleep, so she got to snuggle with Jill for a couple minutes:

Susie and Zelda wanted to do tummy time with Jill one afternoon:

They then sat on a little couch next to each other to watch a movie. They leaned their heads against each other and Susie told me and Jason, "Look! We're twins!"

This picture looks like a ransom note or something, but I swear Zelda did this herself. It's just washi tape, so luckily it came off easily without pulling her hair. I don't know what it is with Zelda and covering her face in stuff, but she's done it before!

 I love this photo for some reason. This is just very Susie:

Also, can you tell that Susie's favorite color is purple?

The cat in one of her usual positions:

 And Jill in one of hers (Grandma's arms):

Ellie and Susie playing together in Ellie's room:

Susie in the backyard:

Me with adora-baby:

This one is from Jill's first week at church. She is just so sweet:

And this one below was from the next week. Jason had to work that day, but Mom and I were at church with the girls. I took this photo of my mom and Jill a few minutes before the fire alarm went off in the church (which happened about 10 minutes before church was actually supposed to end). Neither of us have ever had the fire alarm go off at church before. It was the most abrupt class ending I've ever had at church, haha. As soon as we all realized that it was the fire alarm (we were all so surprised it took us a couple seconds), we went from the Relief Society room into the hall. My mom went the direction of the nursery to get Susie and I went the other way to get Ellie and Zelda, but I was surprised and impressed that all of the primary classrooms were already empty and the children outside - it had only been like 20 seconds since the alarm went off! The primary president was going room to room to make sure everyone was out.

Outside everyone was on the lawn in front of the chapel. I found Ellie and Zelda with their classes, and my mom got Susie. Since it was the time for church to end by then anyway, we went home. Before we got a few blocks away we could hear a fire truck coming to check it out. There was no fire, although one of the hallways did smell like matches. Somebody probably just lit a match and it all went from there.

I find this next picture so sweet. It was the day that my mom had to go home, and she was getting ready to leave. Susie ran over to her and said "But I don't want you to go! I'm going to miss you. Both of us go on the airplane." My mom comforted her and told her that we'd all see her again in about a month. Susie was still sad, but she accepted that.

I am so grateful to my mom for coming out and for all of the help that she gave us. We love you Mom!