Thursday, September 26, 2019

Summer Part 3: North Carolina

Less than a week after we got back from California and Utah, we moved from one side of Raleigh to the other, to the town we lived in while Jason went to grad school. We came home. :) My mom flew out with us on our return from Utah to help us with the move. Here are some pics she took the week of the move:

We made sure to pack up everything important:

Ellie and Maple at our new place (Jason calls it t our "cute little Grandma house"):

That same week was dress-like-a-cow-day at Chik-fil-A:

We all like the new house, and the backyard, and the neighborhood, and the neighbors, and everything. I keep feeling like this is *exactly* where we're supposed to be right now.

Ellie and Zelda started school the week after we moved in - it's a year round school, so they start in the middle of July. For the track they're on, they went to school for a couple weeks in July and beginning of August, had a three week break, and then started again at the end of the August.

We weren't expecting for them to go to the year round school instead of the traditional (long story), so them starting school so soon was a surprise for all of us. To break it to them gently, we told them that at their new school, they had a week and a half of "summer school" to meet their new class, and then they'd have summer again until the end of August. They accepted that just fine. Their teachers are awesome (I really love them) and the school is great. So, that happened.

So, for those couple weeks we had a lot of Jill and Susie time at home. And just look at these cuddlebugs:

The mask was because she's a superhero sheriff, not a bandit: 

Tiger baby:

Ellie and Zelda finished their middle-of-the-summer school weeks at the beginning of August (they "tracked out") just in time for their cousins to get to North Carolina. We were SO EXCITED to see Jason's sister Tiffany and her family. Naturally, one of the first things we did with them was go get some Sunni Sky's ice cream:

The next day they drove out to the Outer Banks, and the day after that we followed them. They rented a house in the Kill Devil Hills/Kitty Hawk area and we stayed with them that night. First, though, we went out on a boat in the afternoon:


Captain Ellie!

And that night we roasted marshmallows in the backyard, next to the sound:

We spent the whole morning the next day at the beach, and there were tons of jellyfish that washed up on the sand! Most were completely clear, and I picked a lot of those ones up (yeah...) and none of them stung. There was also a kind with orange centers and sort of sun branches all around. Here are some we got in a bucket:

There's also one of the clear ones in here, although you don't see it at first glance because it's, well, clear:

After the beach, we picked up some lunch and took it to a park for lunch. I let all the girls play with my camera, and they took some pretty awesome pictures of each other:

From there we went on a nature walk in the Kitty Hawk Woods Coastal Reserve. It was beautiful.

After the nature walk, Tiffany and Jarom took their girls on a kayak tour through a different part of the nature preserve, and Jason and I took our girls back to the beach along a different stretch of the water. And then, sadly, it was time to leave. 

On the drive home, we all stopped on Roanoke Island (yes, "the" Roanoke) and had dinner at Big Al's Soda Fountain and Grill. It was a relaxed, fun, and yummy restaurant, and the perfect place to eat with eight kids in tow. They sat us right next to the dance floor, and the girls kept hopping up and dancing together:

We drove back home, they spent the night at our house, and then had to leave early next morning. We were sad to see them go. It was so fun having them here. 

Here are some pictures from the last couple weeks of true summer, before the girls started school:

Rainy day:

Ellie lost her first tooth! This was the same night we had the missionaries over for dinner. She lost it while they were there:

Notice the marker in her hand:

Superhero girls:

Jill turned four months old:

Storm clouds: