Friday, May 18, 2018

November Park Days

We went to a couple different parks in November; these first pictures are all from our neighborhood park. I remember this day; I felt like I should get an award for "good mom" for taking my three girls to the park when I didn't want to, lol. But they had fun, and I was happy that they had fun, and that's really what a lot of parenthood is, isn't it?

On another day Zelda, Susie, and I went to the park in the neighborhood south of us. I think this was at the same time that Jason and Ellie went on a daddy-daughter date (that I'll post the pictures of later).

And finally, here are some pictures from a day we tried out a new park when we met up with a playgroup from our ward (church congregation).

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Grandpa's Trip and Halloween

In October the girls took advantage of the multiple Halloween events we attended and dressed up in different costumes for each one. First up was Zelda's preschool Halloween party, for which she dressed up as Belle:

Mid-month I got a call from my dad saying that if the Dodgers beat the Cubs that week, he would be coming out to Houston to visit us and watch them in the World Series. I was literally praying for the Dodgers to win, and then I was laughing and laughing to Jason about it because it was literally the plot of "Angels in the Outfield" - I was praying for our southern California baseball team to win so that I could see my father.

Well guess what? They won! So we got to see my dad.

Susie, indicating that she wanted to taste my dad's soda.

He happened to be there the weekend that Ellie's school did their costume parade, so he got to come, which was really fun. Her school called it a "book character parade" and told them to bring the book that had the character they were dressed us, so she wore a bee costume, said she was Beedrill, and brought a pokemon book.

Her teacher, Mrs. Hernandez, is right behind her dressed as Thelma the Unicorn

Then the next night Ellie's school had a trunk-or-treat that we all went to, dressed as the Incredibles family.

And on Saturday we got to go with my dad to the zoo, where they had some Halloween activities, too.

My dad went to the Dodgers game later that day, so he was dressed in his Dodgers gear:

And finally on Halloween, Zelda dressed as Moana, Ellie as a black cat, Susie as Jack-Jack again, and Jason as a ninja turtle (at the girls' insistence).